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The Pinwheel Galaxy (also known as Messier 101, M101 or NGC 5457) is a face-on spiral galaxy distanced 21 million light-years (six megaparsecs) away from Earth in the constellation Ursa Major. It was discovered by Pierre Méchain on March 27, 1781, it was communicated to Charles Messier who verified its position for inclusion in the Messier Catalogue as one of its final entries.

On February 28, 2006, NASA and the European Space Agency released a very detailed image of the Pinwheel Galaxy, which was the largest and most detailed image of a galaxy by Hubble Space Telescope at the time. The image was composed of 51 individual exposures, plus some extra ground-based photos.

On August 24, 2011, a Type Ia supernova, SN 2011fe, was discovered in M101.
M101 has six prominent companion galaxies: NGC 5204, NGC 5474, NGC 5477, NGC 5585, UGC 8837 and UGC 9405. As stated above, the gravitational interaction between M101 and its satellites may have triggered the formation of the grand design pattern in M101. M101 has also probably distorted the companion galaxy NGC 5474. M101 and its companion galaxies comprise most or possibly all of the M101 Group.

M101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy

( by Álmos BALÁSI )

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Equipment :
SkyWatcher EQ-6R Pro GoTo
Skywatcher Esprit 100/550 - SW  Flattener
ZWO ASI1600 MM Pro
Guiding telescope:
Skywatcher ED50 APO
Guiding Camera:
ZWO ASI290 MM Mini
Image Details
M 101, NGC 5457, NGC 5461, NGC 5473, NGC 5474
Exp. data :
20-20 x 300s LRGB
Image capture date  :
02. 04. 2020
Observing Site
Nagybörzsöny - Hungary
E18°49'29" ; N47°55'57"