ZWO ASI2600MM Pro cooled camera
ZWO ASI2600MC Pro cooled camera
ZWO ASI071MC Pro cooled camera
ZWO ASI1600 MM Pro cooled camera
ZWO ASI290 MM mini autoguider camera
ZWO ASI178 MM mini autoguider camera
Canon 250D transformed with Baader Astro Conversion Filter
Nikon D5300


EQ6R-PRO - Skywatcher
AVX - Celestron
Star Adventure - Skywatcher

Telescope tubes

Celestron HD Edge 9.25 - Schmidt-Cassegrain with 0.7x focal reducer/corrector, Starizona Hyperstar v4.
Equinox 120ED OTA - Skywatcher Apochromatic Refractor AP 120/900  with 0.85x focal reducer/corrector
ESPRIT-100ED - Skywatcher Apochromatic Refractor AP 100/550 Professional OTA with factory flattener
EVO GUIDE 50 OTA - Skywatcher Apochromatic Refractor AP 50/242 with factory flattener
Samyang - 135 mm / F2.0 telephoto lens
Samyang - 14 mm / F2.8 extra widefield lens
Nikon - 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR AF-P DX telephoto lens

Other accessories:

Celestron OAG - off axis guider
ZWO OAG - off axis guider
Lacerta M-Gen autoguider II
ZWO EAF - focuser
AsiAir - minicomputer
AsiAir Pro - minicomputer
ZWO EFW 5x2"
ZWO EFW 7x2"
Astronomic 2" L-RGB filter set
Baader CCD H-alpha 2" 7nm, OIII and SII narrow band filter set
Baader CCD H-alpha 2" fast Ha, OIII and SII ultranarrow band filter set
IDAS Nebula Filter LPS-D2 2"
IDAS Nebula Filter LPS-P3 2"
IDAS Nebula Filter NBZ 2"
IDAS UV/IR cut 2" filter
Optolong L-eXtreme 2"
Stellarmate minicomputer
PegasusAstro EQDir USB Stick for Skywatcher Mounts with RJ45
Hyperion Universal Zoom Mark IV (8-24mm / 3.6-10.7mm)
Lacerta LED Flatfield Box - with Dimmer

 Image processing softwares:

PixInsight 1.8.9  
Adobe Creative Cloud
ProDigital Software: Astronomy Tools, AstroFlat Pro,   StarSpike Pro
Annie's Astro Actions - v7.0